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FoxGuard monitors PetrWrap ransomware attack

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REMEMBER WannaCrypt?

This morning (June 27th) Ukraine’s critical services were hit with a set of cyber attacks, which affected Ukraine’s power companies, airports, banks, and even a radiation monitoring system for Chernobyl. The attack in question is another piece of ransomware call PetrWrap, an adaptation of Petya. Petya is similar to WannaCrypt, which hit the industry just a short time ago, in that it encrypts the victim’s data using a public private key pair, and demands money (around $300 US) to recover the files. PetrWrap/Petya also throws in its own twist by also overwriting the master boot record of the victim hard drive, making it unable to boot. Ukraine was the first hit, but the attack has spread and now affects many countries in Europe, as well as the US. PetrWrap/Petya seems to be using the same exploit (EternalBlue) that was used by WannaCrypt. It is believed that a Microsoft Office exploit is used and malicious office files are delivered via phishing emails, which then use the EternalBlue exploit to spread across a company’s network.
FoxGuard recommends applying the EternalBlue patches supplied by Microsoft, as well as the patches for the Office exploit to make sure you are protected against this infection and infections using the same exploits.

To view the Microsoft Patches available to prevent the exploits, refer to the links below:

For more information on the attack carried out, refer to the links below:

For more information on the ransomware used in the attack, refer to the links below:

Below is a screenshot of what would be seen after the ransomware has been deployed and the files encrypted.


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