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FoxGuard opens its doors

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Last week we did something special and unusual – we opened our doors to show off what we have been working on.

FoxGuard Solutions along with our partner TDi Technologies came together and unveiled our joint solution for U.S. Department of Energy’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems. The solution is a result of a $4.3 million Cooperative Agreement awarded in 2013 from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) division.

Believing the nation’s security, economic prosperity, and the well-being of its citizens depends on reliable energy infrastructure, the DOE solicited our expertise to develop the patch and update management project (PUMP) for energy delivery systems. The energy sector places an emphasis on the availability and reliability of energy delivery operations. While best practice avoids the connection of energy delivery system devices to external networks, their increasing interconnectivity poses greater risk to cyber vulnerabilities, making proper and timely patches and updates critically important to maintaining system cybersecurity.

As part of the unveiling FoxGuard hosted an open house that was attended by government officials, Mayor Michael Barber and Delegate Nick Rush, as well as representatives from NRG Energy, US Department of Energy, University of Arkansas, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, Argonne National Laboratory, and Virginia Tech.

Our team had a lot of fun showing off our research and development lab. Our team is using a model train, which has equipment representative of an ICS energy environment, to demonstrate what can happen when patches are not properly validated prior to being introduced into production.

During this event, we demonstrated technology and techniques to identify and verify the integrity of updates and patches for energy
delivery systems software, hardware and firmware, while also
facilitating the deployment of those updates.


• Patch & Update Data Aggregator & Web Portal
• Patch & Update Authentication
• Validation Techniques
• Query Engine


The PUMP program simplifies the process of understanding what patches are available for energy delivery industrial control system devices for both end users and equipment vendors, while also simplifying a utilities adherence to NERC CIP v6 requirements involving patching, ultimately leading to a safer grid.


“Excellent materials and presentations. I really like the way each of the program element presentations, including the demo, had a brief overview describing the problem statement, why it matters and how your R&D work addressed it. The Q&A and discussion was great and it made the participants, especially the utility folks, think about and understand how the PUMP program will help them.” – US Department of Energy

“Very Impressive! Look forward to more results from you!!!” – University of Arkansas

“Wonderful tool set.” – NRG Energy


FoxGuard provides a wide range of patch management solutions that help entities identify and mitigate gaps in the security of their systems and prepare for NERC CIP audits. We host a webinar series to discuss ways to develop and implement a robust patch management program. Reserve your spot in our next session.


If you want to discuss something specific, we will do that too! Just reach out, tell us what your challenges are, and we will have one of our security experts contact you.

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