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FoxGuard Reaches Out to Help After Nepalese Earthquakes

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Nepal_Pic_1On April 25th, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal about 33 miles (53 km) from the major city of Bharatpur.  This 7.8 M earthquake claimed more than 8,900 lives and injured almost 22,000 individuals.  The earthquake also triggered over 300 aftershocks with a magnitude of 4 or higher, including one on April 26th with a magnitude of 6.7 and one on May 12th with a magnitude of 7.3.  Approximately 8 million people were affected, as homes, roads, and historic temples were damaged or destroyed. 

The devastating earthquakes in Nepal hit close to home within the FoxGuard Solutions community. An employee of FoxGuard currently has 21 family members, including children and older parents, living in Nepal.  Fortunately, all family members are safe but their home was destroyed.  All 21 family members are currently living in a make shift shelter made from their collapsed home. 

FoxGuard wanted to get involved.  The original intent was to send over supplies including tents, sleeping bags, medicine, etc., but this became complicated.  The team working on this project had to navigate through obstacles like customs and documentation.  They contacted shipping companies, including Fed-Ex and UPS, but it became apparent that sending supplies would be a timely and costly process. As the situation with the family became more urgent, it was decided that monetary donations were the most effective and immediate way to help.

The Fundraising began on May 5th and concluded on May 14th.  During this short time frame, many company employees came together to raise $2,000. The company furthered its involvement by agreeing to match every dollar raised. As a result, this $2,000 was then matched by the company to become a total of $4,000 raised to send over to the employee’s family in Nepal. Some of the money has already been wired over to supply them with essentials and to cover their daily expenses.  The rest of the money will be sent over once they begin rebuilding their house.