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As system integrators for large OEM vendors, FoxGuard has been an integral player in the research, evaluation and manufacturing of solutions that integrate IT technologies into the OT world. Once the Operating Systems’ patches become unavailable, industrial users will have to find new ways to secure systems and data. One approach is to harden current systems. By disabling all non-operational ports, thus making it harder for malicious actors to access the system, industrial users help prevent potential threats. While this includes the obvious addition of security controls like domain controllers, continuous monitoring, whitelisting/antivirus, installing Intrusion Detection System (IDS), change management, etc…, this also includes the deep dive processes internally to harden each system we design and ship. 

FoxGuard can help you close these gaps by researching the best solution that both meets your compliance needs and safely implements into your environment.  With our team of industry experts we can evaluate the industries best options to meet your specific needs and choose the one that will address your needs and safely deploy without creating adverse effects.  This could include anything from implementing a company-wide SIEM to hardening of your HMIs.  

An effective hardening system should be one that can mitigate the loss of OS patches, and includes but is not limited to:

  • The removal of games, unused compilers, and unused programs
  • The closing of all unused ports and unnecessary services
  • Policies to restrict access to USB and DVD services
  • Implementation of flexible, but strong user authentication
  • Bringing the system to the final patch level
  • Documentation detailing all changes and updates made, for NERC CIP compliance
  • Patching and validation testing for required software on system

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware hardening (Ports and Services, port blockers, removal of unused applications, etc…
  • SIEM implementation and integration
  • Network Engineering
  • IT-OT convergence

If you would like to discuss your security challenges with our security experts, please share your contact details and a brief summary of your challenges.

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