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Patch Availability Reports – NEW FEATURES!

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FoxGuard Solutions has made improvements to the monthly Patch Availability Reports. We believe there will be a lot of excitement around these NEW ADDED FEATURES. There will be new fields represented on the report for Patch Evidence and CVE Details.

PATCH EVIDENCE – Better meet the requests from your auditors.
We have added a table to the end of the report that will show two types of evidence: Patch Quantity and Patch Quality. 

PATCH QUANTITY – A screenshot will be provided that shows the number of patches provided from the source vendor within your report time line. This will also include a screenshot if NO patches were provided by the vendor within the same report time line.

PATCH QUALITY – If a patch was released within the report time line, this evidence is a screenshot of the actual patch data ensuring FoxGuard has provided the correct details, as well as date/time stamp of when the evidence was captured.

Note: Patch Evidence is captured at the Vendor> Product> Version level, so if you have multiple listings of the same item in your Availability table in the report (first in the report), it will only be shown once in the evidence table, making this a more condensed, easier-to-use listing.

CVE DETAILS – More Vulnerability Details!
We are adding the CVSS (version 2) Score and Description – This will provide further vulnerability details to allow you to better assess the full critical nature of your patches.


FoxGuard provides a wide range of patch management solutions that help entities identify and mitigate gaps in the security of their systems and prepare for NERC CIP audits. We host a webinar series to discuss ways to develop and implement a robust patch management program. Reserve your spot in our next session.


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