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Regulatory Growth Update – October 2018

Barb Wert, Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Each quarter, Compliance & Risks* publishes regulatory growth charts showing new regulations by year of entry into force (by subject and by region), and cumulative (by subject and by region).   

The October 2018 charts show us that 768 regulations came into force during the first two quarters of 2018, with 59 additional regulations passing since July 2018, and 1,224 regulations still in the proposed stage.  This gives us a total of 2,051 new and pending regulations in the combined subjects of batteries, climate change, packaging, product safety, energy, waste, and substances, thus far this year.**

Cumulatively, for the same subjects, there are 17,095 regulations in force and proposed in the covered regions.**

FoxGuard tracks pending new legislation, as well as upcoming changes to existing legislation, and works closely with our supplier network to ensure continued compliance of systems and components.