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FoxGuard understands there are many vulnerabilities that can wreak havoc on critical assets within your industrial control system environment. Whether physical or cyber, the risks are high and the costs are great to keep a pulse on the equipment that helps you do business. This isn’t just any ol’ piece of gear – these systems are the critical infrastructure to the health and success of your mission or business. We know because we have been doing this for years, as we have been securing systems for many of our valuable control system OEM partners for over ten years. Additionally, FoxGuard received funding from the US Department of Energy and Department of Defense to build patch management programs specifically for industrial control systems, so we have been securing this equipment from many angles. We’re here to help with our Sentrigard Security Platform. 


Step one to building a healthy system is to know what you have. We have built a best-of-breed integrated solution designed to provide visibility into your network of operational equipment. Our platform supports more than 15 open OT protocols and 20 IT protocols common to industrial environments, including common protocols like BACnet and Modbus. Additionally, we support the proprietary protocols of many major ICS vendors. Once we know what you have, we can help you build both network and asset baselines. The list of what you have is long and it’s all important.


It is imperative to keep a watchful eye on your critical systems. We help you do this by monitoring your steady-state. Once you know what “normal” is, it is more effective and efficient to recognize when something has changed and needs to be inspected closer. To make this even easier, our platform will be delivered to you on hardware that has already been configured, set up, tested and is ready to go upon delivery with dashboards and tune alarming. Not only is it ready to go, but the internal processes have been securely segmented to ensure that they don’t become cross-contaminated or compete for valuable system resources. We’re here to keep eyes on the ball, even when you need to look away.

Knowing is not always enough. With a heightened sense of awareness through real-time monitoring and alerts, along with vulnerability notification, you can take the appropriate action to defend against possible attacks. Additionally, we will provide due diligence to increase patching velocity of this equipment – providing yet another layer of protection. Having a multi-layer plan-of-attack ensures you’re tackling this with a defense in depth approach. There’s safety in layers.

We know building automation systems and we’re pretty proud of that. Building a robust, complex security system can take time and money away from your valuable resources and core competencies, so leave the heavy lifting to us.


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