The rulemaking process for CMMC continues, with no updated timeline. This leads us to believe we can still expect CMMC requirements to start appearing in DoD contracts around May of 2023.

Draft CMMC Assessment Process (CAP)

The Cyber-AB has published a draft version of the CMMC Assessment Process (CAP). The CAP includes guidance to C3PAO’s (CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organizations) for areas such as:

  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • Assessment documents and templates;
  • CMMC Assessment scope;
  • Pre-Assessment planning;
  • Assessment kick-off meeting, interviews, tests and results, and final findings;
  • Results reporting;
  • POA&M close-out (if applicable)

The Cyber-AB continues to receive feedback on the 47-page document, which is available via this link:

The CAP will not be finalized until after Rulemaking is completed, and the final version will be endorsed by the DoD.

Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments are underway!

DIBCAC/C3PAO joint voluntary assessments began in late August. Organizations that receive passing assessment results will achieve “DIBCAC-High” approval status, which will convert to CMMC when rulemaking is finalized. The joint assessments are being conducted under DIBCAC authority, and DIBCAC has directed third-party assessors to use the Cyber-AB CAP as guidance during the assessments.

There are currently 22 authorized C3PAOs in the CMMC ecosystem. Visit the Cyber-AB Marketplace for more information!

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FoxGuard partners with Boston Government Services, LLC (BGS) Boston Government Services, LLC (BGS), one of only 12 currently authorized CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs). 

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