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FoxGuard has trained engineers that understand the security needs for your facility. We have spent hundreds of hours inside of power plants across the country. We understand the specific needs and differences of Information Technology vs. Operational Technology.  As a result, we are able to offer a variety of services, including: 

Control System Assessment  |  System Hardening  |  Field Services  |  Integrated Security Solutions




network mapping


securing systems and data

FoxGuard has been an integral player in the research, evaluation and manufacturing of solutions that integrate IT technologies into the OT world. One approach to securing systems and data is to harden current systems. Disabling all non-operational ports makes it harder for malicious actors to access the system. This includes the addition of security controls such as domain controllers, continuous monitoring, whitelisting/antivirus, and installing Intrusion Detection System (IDS), change management. Our team of experts evaluate the industry’s best options to meet your specific needs and choose the solution that meets your compliance needs and safely implements into your environment.

FoxGuard sends an ICS network engineer on site to support the network mapping service. Passive network scanning and network mapping tools are utilized to generate visual maps and supporting data files with additional information. The passive network scanning and network mapping tools are only utilized against devices or on network segments where approved and/or where technically supported. All other devices or network segments not approved and/or supported for a passive network scan are discovered, mapped and documented as part of a manual walk down process.

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