FoxGuard Solutions partners with industry-leading control system vendors to provide customized patch management and security solutions for their customers. By working directly with vendors, FoxGuard is able to maintain representative test equipment in a secure lab environment for validation testing.

We work with GE Measurement & Control to support GEs ControlsCare Services with its Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Software Update Subscription. For facilities operating GE control systems, a CAP subscription delivers monthly patches and updates, antivirus signatures, reports, and documentation to aid cyber security and compliance efforts.

We work with a large energy generation control system vendor to increase their customers’ cyber security posture to meet NERC CIP compliance requirements.  We have collaboratively and successfully implemented DisPatch, Access Management, and SIEM solutions at several large energy utilities. This program has been well received by this vendors customers and auditors.

What Our Clients are Saying

What Our Customers are Saying about our Custom Patch Management Solution