Engineering and Field Services

Sometimes we let our engineers out.

services on the road. 

Our team of experienced engineers bring years of experience in providing cybersecurity solutions to critical infrastructure markets. We are able to offer a variety of custom services in the field, including: 

Control System Assessment  |  System Hardening  |  Field Services  |  Integrated Security Solutions


Installation and System Implementation

Our security experts assist with the validation, deployment, and customer configuration of purchased solution(s). Customizing to meet each site’s requirements, FoxGuard helps mitigate risks associated with securing critical systems on the control network. This includes:

     –   On-site validation of all updates and changes associated with the solution(s)
     –   Basic overview and training of solution(s) and accompanying documentation 
          (to support system until comprehensive on-site training)


In the event that you’re having issues with your equipment, our team is able to come to your facility and help troubleshoot, as well as repair this equipment.

Product and System Training

FoxGuard returns to site 30-45 days after initial deployment of the system to provide full security training. This ensures availability of site personnel during a more focused training session to encourage better content retention.

Additional training sessions are available as requested.

   Standard process review for each solution
•   Hands-on patch, anti-virus and backup training
   Hands-on process training for additional solutions
   Brief overview of how the solution applies to regulatory requirements
   Review of documentation