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With 20+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing PC-based HMIs for industrial control systems, FoxGuard Solutions is well-versed in the needs of the energy industry (including fossils, renewables, and nuclear). FoxGuard minimizes vulnerabilities and downtime and aids in maintaining compliance with NERC CIP standards. To enhance consistency and reliability, FoxGuard offers custom scripted installations, in which the company works with the customer to determine and apply custom settings to all computers provided. If needed, FoxGuard can also design solutions integrated with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software.


FoxGuard Solutions has been serving the marine market since 2002. Committed to helping our clients achieve marine regulatory compliance, the FoxGuard team offers rugged and reliable computing solutions that meet a variety of marine certifications and type approvals, including IEC/EN 60945, DNV, and ABS.

Oil & Gas

FoxGuard Solutions designs and manufactures computing equipment that can withstand the extreme environmental conditions and heavy amounts of shock and vibration found in many oil & gas applications. To meet these requirements, purge controllers, heaters, and A/C units can be added to FoxGuard’s envirosealed enclosures. Purge controllers keep flammable gases out of the unit, making it safe for Class I Division 1 and 2 hazardous environments. FoxGuard also provides solutions that are intrinsically safe, IP67, UL compliant, and meet certain environmental standards.


While the fundamentals of manufacturing have changed little over the years, the technology and processes used by the industry have advanced dramatically. Demand for high-quality, efficient production has led to the adoption of more accurate monitoring and processing equipment which is often part of a computer network. As factories/plants upgrade computers and electronics on the production floor, it is important to consider the harsh environmental conditions present that can wreak havoc on valuable, mission-critical equipment. FoxGuard Solutions offers a variety of long-lifecycle solutions that are rated to withstand these harsh conditions. If needed, we provide assistance with maintaining legacy support.

Simulation & Training

With a thorough understanding of the simulation and training industry, the FoxGuard team tailors solutions to meet the demanding requirements of the computers used in this market, including Image Generators (IG), Control Loaders (CL), and Instructor/Operator Stations (IOS). FoxGuard Solutions integrates these systems into a rack to provide a full, turnkey solution. We can also provide large format LCDs for visual systems.

Independent Software Vendors

FoxGuard Solutions serves the Independent Software Vendor market with custom designed solutions. This enables the ISV to offer a total, turnkey solution to their customers. With a custom appliance solution, the ISV is able to promote their brand and identity and control the total customer experience

We are growing in the number of industries we serve.

In addition to serving the marine, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing, and simulation & training industries, the FoxGuard team has worked with a number of other markets. Our computer, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering expertise combined with our regulatory compliance knowledge allows the FoxGuard team to design a wide variety of industrial computing solutions to meet the necessary regulatory requirements of our customers.