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Our team of engineers and developers design, manufacture and integrate innovative cybersecurity, computing and regulatory compliance solutions used in critical infrastructure markets. Our solutions can be customized with components from our Cybersecurity and Industrial Computing offerings. 

We are dedicated to to supporting our customers with the products and custom integrated solutions they need to stay secure.

our partners.


Simply put, sometimes two great minds are better than one and while we know we are innovative we do not presume to know everything. This is where our partners become so valuable to our business. Our partnerships are successful because they are collaborative in nature and there is a commitment to the same values and goals. 

We are all striving towards a shared success


the customer is
not an interruption
in our work;
he is the purpose of it

– M. Ghandi

Marine Industry

TRANSAS was building computers internally for their simulators in the marine industry when they became a customer of FoxGuard.  We were able to deliver a consistent high quality and low cost computer solution that includes revision control and lifecycle management.  This dependability as a computer hardware provider now allows TRANSAS more time to focus on their simulation solutions.

Lifecycle Management

FoxGuard took a product that was going end of life for ABB and designed a replacement product.  This product includes a longer lifecycle using embedded components.  FoxGuard certified the product to industry standards.

Rack Integration

FoxGuard builds customized integrated racks for TMEIC.  These racks can be found throughout the world’s major ports. FoxGuard develops hundreds of fully integrated racks for customers each year.

GEs ControlsCare Services

We work with GE Measurement & Control to support GEs ControlsCare Services with its Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Software Update Subscription. For facilities operating GE control systems, a CAP subscription delivers monthly patches and updates, antivirus signatures, reports, and documentation to aid cyber security and compliance efforts.

OEM Energy Equipment

We work with a large energy generation control system vendor to increase their customers’ cyber security posture to meet NERC CIP compliance requirements.  We have collaboratively and successfully implemented DisPatch, Access Management, and SIEM solutions at several large energy utilities. This program has been well received by this vendors customers and auditors.


thank you for
letting us be a
part of your team







striving towards
a shared success


thank you for
sharing our values

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