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Marine Industry
FoxGuard was able to deliver a consistent high quality and low cost computer solution that includes revision control and lifecycle management.  This dependability as a computer hardware provider now allows Wärtsilä more time to focus on their simulation solutions.

Lifecycle Management
FoxGuard took a product that was going end of life for ABB and designed a replacement product. This product includes a longer lifecycle using embedded components. FoxGuard certified the product to industry standards.

Rack Integration
FoxGuard builds customized integrated racks for TMEIC. These racks can be found throughout the world’s major ports. FoxGuard develops hundreds of fully integrated racks for customers each year.

GEs ControlsCare Services
We worked with GE Measurement & Control to support GEs ControlsCare Services with its Cyber Assett Protection (CAP) Software Update Subscription. For facilities operating GE control systems, a CAP subscription delivers monthly patches and updates, antivirus signatures, reports, and documentation to aid cyber security and compliance efforts.

OEM Energy Equiment
We work with a large energy generation control system vendor to increase their customers’ compliance requirements. We have collaboratively and successfully implemented DisPatch, Access Management, and SIEM solutions at several large energy untilities. This program has been well received by this vendors customers and auditors.

YAY!!! The closer you get on your end, the easier it is on my end – I can already feel it! … You guys are great to work with!
IT Applications

NERC CIP, LARGE IOU North Carolina

By working with FoxGuard, CHA was able to access FoxGuard’s engineering team to obtain expert recommendations and select the optimal systems builds that would be used to support our training and simulation solutions for our High Velocity Learning Environment.
John Jackson


Using FoxGuard’s aggregated patch data each month makes discovery a breeze for our technicians

EMS Maintenance, Mid-West Municipal - SPP - Kansas

A key technology partner.
Cory Kumm