At FoxGuard, we view each project as an opportunity to provide a unique solution that meets the customer’s needs.  This may be a standard product, one that is modified, or a completely custom unit. Using a systematic approach, our team follows established processes to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in doing things right the first time.  Through careful documentation, vendor qualification, and product testing, FoxGuard offers solutions that are high-quality and repeatable.

Industrial Computer Project Planning

Our team follows a structured process where each project flows from Design, Fulfillment and Life-cycle Management. To learn more about these, please visit the following

   >   Certifications
   >   Program Management
   >   Life Cycle Management
   >   Design Process
   >   Prototyping
   >   Production
   >   Fulfillment

When you are ready to discuss your project, share your details with our team to learn how we can help you build a sustainable solution. 

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