Custom Configured Solutions

When standard or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computers won’t do, we will develop a custom configured solution that suits your specific needs. With decades of computer, electrical, mechanical, and software expertise,  FoxGuard engineers are experts in selecting quality components to ensure your product is perfectly suited to your unique application. This may be a standalone computer unit or a fully integrated enclosure. We develop a wide variety of industrial computers and commercial grade systems that are reliable, serviceable, and cost-effective custom industrial solutions – thus reducing your total cost of ownership and providing a greater return on your investment (ROI).


Our engineering team uses your requirements to develop a solution that suits your specific needs. To get started on a custom computer project, we’ll need to learn a few specifics about your project to aid us in the design process. The following list isn’t comprehensive, but it will provide a starting point. Review the list and contact our engineering team to discuss your project.

   >   Specific physical dimensions
   >   Extreme temperature ranges
   >   Shock and vibration
   >   Specialized I/O and connectors
   >   Dust and particulates
   >   Washdown environments
   >   NEMA and IP ratings
   >   Extended lifecycle
   >   Redundancy
   >   Legacy operating systems

Let our team of experienced engineers help you build a robust solution by sharing your contact information and project details.

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