Simulation and Training Solutions:

Our team works with you to design and integrate a computer solution that meets your Simulation and Training application, budget and preferences. Let us help you free up your resources from integration work. Our goal is to be an extension of your team.  

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Utilize our 35+ years’ experience configuring computer solutions, integrating racks, developing images, securing licenses, and ensuring hardware, software and OS compatibility to free up your resources to pursue growth. We will configure and ship a turnkey solution to your designated location.  

Regulatory Compliance:

We ensure successful deliveries to domestic and international destinations and proper documentation to back up every regulatory mark on a system component.  Our services cover the following areas of regulatory compliance for over 40 worldwide locations:

 >   Safety

>   eWaste

>   Telecom

>   Low Voltage

>   Energy Efficiency

>   Country of Origin

>   EMC

>   Hazardous Substances

>   Multilingual Labeling

>   Battery Requirements

>   Energy Efficiency

>   Document Translation








We maintain a database of over 40,000 regulatory certificates and reports covering thousands of parts, from adapters to industrial computers and peripherals provided by a network of over 250 manufacturers and suppliers. FoxGuard issues Regulatory Bulletins to alert manufacturers and suppliers of upcoming legislative changes and new documentation requirements.

The custom regulatory document packages provided to customer-specified sites are the result of design and pre-BOM reviews, quote reviews, and additional line-by-line reviews before an order is released for planning.

FoxGuard’s Customer Care Center (CCC) offers pass-fail results on regulatory compliance pre-submittal inquiries. If you need log-in information or instructions on the use of the CCC, please contact your FoxGuard Customer Account Representative or e-mail

Export Compliance: 

By utilizing FoxGuard Solutions as your integrator, you avoid the time consuming process of information gathering and reduce your freight forwarder fees.  With 40% of our orders shipped internationally, FoxGuard has a well-developed process to support our Customers with logistics and compliance.

 > Determine the top level Bill of Material classifications associated with the HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes and the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) codes.

> Complete the export licensing determination process based on the ECCN code for each top level BOM in each shipment per the EAR (Export Administration Regulations).

> Determine country of origin information for top level BOMs included in each shipment.

> Evaluate each shipment to determine if an EEI (Electronic Export Information) filing will be required or if the shipment is eligible for an applicable EEI filing exemption per the FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations).

> Complete EEI filings in the AES (Automated Export System) and obtain the related ITN (Internal Transaction Number) numbers for shipments valued at over $2,500.00 per HTS code.

> Work with designated carriers to obtain the departure details necessary to complete EEI filings.

> Assist in managing shipment releases by providing FoxGuard generated packing slips and commercial invoices to Customer for approval, prior to the completion of final processing steps.

> Complete denied party screening on consignee information related to each shipment.

> Update commercial invoices and packing slips (as needed) to address Customer requests/needs.

> Update previously submitted EEI filings in the AES system if/when departure information changes, as required by U.S export regulations.

> When needed or as requested, assist Customer with customs clearance issues.

> Provide tracking number information for each shipment to the specified Customer contact.

Information Assurance and RMF:

Obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) or other localized self-approval is a cooperative effort with approving authorities that takes into consideration pertinent compliance requirements.  We work with Authorizing Officers (AOs) to identify compliance requirements that impact design and configuration and secure our equipment appropriately using STIGs and other guidance.  We provide collateral to support approval processes including configuration baselines, vulnerability scans and technical exceptions/mitigations where appropriate.

In addition to helping our customers obtain ATOs, our Cyber Security business ensures we are compliant with security and information assurance best practices. FoxGuard is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certified. We assist in dealing with NIST standards and controls associated with the Risk Management Framework (RMF). 

Lifecycle Management:

FoxGuard maintains a design for years through technical and supply chain management programs, including extended warranties and service packages to address continued availability, requalification, and replacement due to obsolescence. Our team engages vendors to verify no foreseen constraints exist in the supply chain and the parts are secure.

Critical components are reviewed at least every three months including:

>   Sole source manufacturer
>   Proprietary/custom designs
>   Unique/scarce materials
>   Products/components approaching end of life (EOL)
>   Vendor Capacity constraints
>   Design changes / Revision control
>   Market pressures
>   Force Majeure

Part Considerations include:

>   Vendor and/or manufacturer reliability
>   Availability and lead-time
>   Cost & MOQ
>   Stage in life cycle


FoxGuard Classifications:

 ISO 9001:2015 │ ISO 27001:2013│ ITAR Registered│ Small Business │American owned and operated


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