In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations must ensure that their data center functions at maximum uptime, with an industry goal of five 9’s. The 99.999% uptime goal applies to both traditional brick and mortar centralized data centers as well as decentralized data centers located around the world.

Enterprise businesses invest billions of dollars across a broad range of Information Technology (IT) and cyber security solutions. However, many still overlook a fundamental risk to the business – system outages caused by a failed piece of Operational Technology (OT) that supports IT functions. The list of OT equipment that is needed to maintain continuous IT operations are significant and include Building Automation Systems (BAS), Electric Power Monitoring System (EPMS), Cabinet Power Systems (CPS), Universal Power Supply (UPS) networks, backup generator networks, cooling, and power systems. If not managed properly, any one of these systems can very quickly become the Achilles Heel for a data center.

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