FoxGuard Solutions recommends Window 10 Pro

Foxguard’s industrial computing capabilities position them in the manufacturing, marine, and simulation and training industries. With the services provided by Windows 10 Pro and other Microsoft software, FoxGuard is proficient in creating high-quality computing equipment and designing visual technology systems that meet regulatory compliance and industry standards.

FoxGuard primarily utilizes Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to engage with customers and plan business operations. Microsoft Office 365 brings together different products such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (PPM), giving FoxGuard reliable communication and strategic management products to complete projects and tailor solutions to customers’ needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customizable cloud-based service that merges enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. This platform transforms business operations by connecting cloud applications and creating a unified solution essential for business process optimization. Dynamics 365 innovates business management by combining sales, marketing, customer, and field service applications that enables FoxGuard to track current sales, gather customer insights, and automate manufacturing processes.

FoxGuard also collaborates with Microsoft to create easily accessible whitepapers and blog posts regarding new information and/or software for our clients to ensure that they have the best up-to-date technology and encourage growth in innovation and creativity.