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With more than 16,500 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) published in 2018, it’s clear why keeping up with patches and updates can be time-consuming and disruptive to organizations.  Add in the risk of operational down time to your business based on always changing vulnerabilities and the ROI associated with patching an asset is easy to see.

FoxGuard offers a comprehensive, risk-based suite of Vulnerability and Patch Management
Solutions to overcome weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could allow security breaches in critical infrastructure markets.
  Our Patch & Update Management Program (PUMP) was the result of a four year cooperative project with the Department of Energy. Supporting IT and OT assets the program encompasses four steps in the patching process: Asset Inventory, Risk – Intelligence, Staff Augmentation, and 3rd Party Integrations


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 As we solved one challenge facing control system environments we could see the need for more. So, we created more solutions. FoxGuard has proven excellence in meeting compliance requirements and solving functional issues and security vulnerabilities.  

Our field experienced security experts have over one hundred and fifty years of patch management experience in OT and IT systems and plants. We understand the complexities of industrial control systems in critical infrastructure environments.   

In a simplified, cost-effective, and timely fashion; facilitating a more secure environment with
up-to-date and critical updates & patches – FoxGuard can centralize and ease your patch management burden.

Learn more about our robust patching program for IT and OT environments which is based on a cyclical and consistently monitored solution to ensure a secure and healthy system. To build a complete patch management program FoxGuard Solutions provides the following services:



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