identification of IT & OT assets


Risk assessment begins with the identification of fixed and movable assets in an industrial control system or critical infrastructure market – experience shows that this includes both IT and OT assets. Uniquely identified assets based on known identifiers and/or known information about assets specific to an environment plays an important role for an organizations’ ability to build a layered defense strategy. 


Prior to monitoring patch data, it is critical to document all critical assets from which to build a baseline. This process can be time consuming, and in many cases requires a certain level of technical talent to accurately complete this process. Our team of trained engineers are ready to help you identify and create an inventory of your assets. Assets may include  OT firmware, OT 3rd party applications, operating systems, network devices, field devices, and drivers.

Once the inventory has been outlined it can be categorized by risk and assigned priority. Based on your maturity model, FoxGuard may be able to ease the burden. 

This is the foundation for all other steps in FoxGuard’s comprehensive patch management solution. Take another step and learn about our Risk-Intelligence Reporting.

asset analysis includes
asset analysis - patch and update management program