Vulnerability Management

Because knowing is better.

risk intelligence. ONE SOURCE SAVES TIME.

Our proactive Risk-Intelligence helps organizations create a strategy for identifying risks associated with known vulnerabilities for an asset. FoxGuard monitors industrial control systems (ICS) to provide monthly intelligence reports that track the release of cybersecurity patches specific to your environment.

Vulnerability Management Programs serve to identify, evaluate, and mitigate asset weaknesses by understanding the exploit mechanisms attributed to those weaknesses.


Gathering relevant security information is a time-consuming initiative, requires specific knowledge, 
and is essential for a successful Vulnerability Management Program. FoxGuard regularly monitors thousands of assets, such as industrial control systems (ICS), for public and private security information. We compare an inventory of specific assets to growing data stores of security information, including patches, updates, and vulnerability notices, collected by our analysts, and share relevant security information with our subscribers.


Unnecessary changes, maintenance, and downtime may have significant technical and business ramifications. Organizations should understand the context of an asset within a system and, likewise, the context of security information as it relates to an asset to make the best decisions and develop effective strategies for risk reduction within a Vulnerability Management Program.
FoxGuard works with organizations to understand their attack surface, attack pathways, and exploit mechanisms to develop a cybersecurity model that can be used in association with security information to identify vulnerabilities that exceed security risk levels or fall outside of current technical, organizational or administrative controls.


Adversaries are persistent and will find an exploit mechanism given ample opportunity. Organizations must become a “hard target,” meaning they must reduce risk and attack surface to an acceptable level that dissuades adversarial interest. FoxGuard works with organizations to develop, analyze, and test mitigation strategies to reduce and eliminate risks that result from security information gathering and evaluation activities.


Keeping your eyes on patches alone often is not enough. FoxGuard provides vulnerability notification intelligence informing you of an identified risk that has been disclosed but the patch has yet to be released. This gives you an opportunity to mitigate the risk before the vulnerability creates exposure to your critical assets.

We want to ease your burden of vulnerability management. Take your next step toward a more secure environment with us. Our proactive Training, Risk-Intelligence, Assessment, and Staff Augmentation services provide organizations with the information and tools they need to sustain and enhance a successful Vulnerability Management Program.