risk intelligence. ONE SOURCE SAVES TIME.

Patches and updates are necessary to help resolve
security vulnerabilities and address functional issues.
While this process is labor and time consuming, and
requires the right technical knowledge; it is very
necessary to lower mission risk.

Our proactive Risk-Intelligence helps organizations
create a strategy for updating available patches and
updates to reduce risks associated with known
vulnerabilities for an asset. FoxGuard monitors industrial
control systems (ICS) to provide monthly intelligence
reports that track the release of cybersecurity patches
specific to your environment. 

Once there is an inventory of your specific assets,
FoxGuard can continuously monitor this list to inform
you when security patches are available and provide all
of the necessary documentation defining how your IT and
OT assets are impacted and can be protected.

Keeping your eyes on patches alone often is not enough. FoxGuard provides vulnerability notification intelligence informing you of an identified risk that has been disclosed but the patch has yet to be released. This gives you an opportunity to mitigate the risk before the vulnerability creates exposure to your critical assets.

The foundation of an Applicability Report is the Availability Report. However, Applicability Reports are provided for further review with in-house analysis and sign-off to support compliance requests. Our team of security engineers will review your network configuration and provide recommendations around installation of patches released within a specified time frame.

We want to help ease the patch management burden take the next step with us and learn more about how we can be an extension of your team. Our staff augmentation step  involves acquiring, validating and deploying patches and updates.



“Using FoxGuard's aggregated patch data each month makes discovery a breeze for our technicians”
Supervisor EMS Maintenance
Mid-West Municipal - SPP - Kansas

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