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Do you ever look at where you want to be and feel
overwhelmed, like you don’t know how you’re going to get there? 

see things differently.

Our Staff Augmentation step in the PUMP program
provides the time, resources and necessary technical
knowledge to help ease your Patch & Update
Management burden.

Patches and updates are designed to update, fix, or
improve an asset. This includes fixing security
vulnerabilities that could be leaving networks open
to attack. Many organizations find this process to be
a critical, time and labor intensive burden.  One can
simply drain valuable hours searching hundreds
of websites, contacting vendors and showing due



patch acquisition


validation & deployment


cyber fleet solution

Once you have found the correct patch for your environment you will need to safely acquire it.  one source. save time. save money.
Acquiring patches and updates is time consuming and requires a certain amount of technical knowledge to ensure the downloads are not corrupt and are coming from a legitimate source. FoxGuard does this for your specific environment and saves you time by only providing the patches that your organization needs to be current and secure.

Patching in an industrial control system environment can have catastrophic effects because it can interrupt system processes. Patches and updates should go through rigorous testing in a simulated environment or representable hardware in a lab with a comparison of  performance before and after patch implementation. Only after a successful release in a virtual lab should it be released into production.

Validation requires the right staff with the right aptitude in the right environment to safely and effectively test patches. This may require special equipment and the right insight to know how much and how deep to test each of your critical assets.

FoxGuard provides Validation services – we can replicate all or some of your environment in order to test in our secure virtual lab. If you aren’t familiar with validation best practices, we can teach you how to set up your own lab. Last, but certainly not least, we can come to your facility to help you build your own validation lab. Once tested it will need to be decided whether the security risk outweighs the operational deployment risk.

Then one of two paths will be taken: deploy or not to deploy.
If you choose not to deploy a mitigation plan should be determined.

A diligent deployment process defends against malware, in-transit modification and corruption.  Our engineers design a comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use patch deployment solution that best fits the needs of your specific environment.

In this day and age of mobile devices, our office can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. There is a demand for portable devices that can connect quickly and effortlessly to networks. However the very thing that makes these devices portable also makes them vulnerable to network security breaches.

Our Cyber Fleet Solutions are designed to support organizations Transient Cyber Assets (TCA). TCAs are vulnerable not only to software creep but also to high cyber risk. They may have malicious code running in the background that is tasked to scour the network and infect additional systems.

FoxGuard provides an innovative solution that will secure your laptops and other portable devices. Our solution protects these assets by deploying a gold image on a monthly basis. This gold image is updated to include OEM specific security patches and applicable operating systems, software and device drivers. rest assured your fleet is protected.

“Using FoxGuard's aggregated patch data each month makes discovery a breeze for our technicians”
Supervisor EMS Maintenance
Mid-West Municipal - SPP - Kansas

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