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Patching in an industrial control system environment can have catastrophic effects because it can interrupt system processes. Patches and updates should go through rigorous testing in a simulated environment or representable hardware in a lab with a comparison of  performance before and after patch implementation. Only after a successful release in a virtual lab should it be released into production.

Validation requires the right staff with the right aptitude in the right environment to safely and effectively test patches. This may require special equipment and the right insight to know how much and how deep to test each of your critical assets.

FoxGuard develops and implements a representative patch validation environment (at your facility or in our secured lab), to test applicable patches for use with your software applications and equipment. Test plans are highly customized and may address a variety of scenarios such as basic functional testing, system performance comparisons, discovery and documentation of logical network port changes. Validation of patches supports the actual patch deployment.

FoxGuard provides Validation services – we can replicate all or some of your environment in order to test in our secure virtual lab. If you aren’t familiar with validation best practices, we can teach you how to set up your own lab. Last, but certainly not least, we can come to your facility to help you build your own validation lab. Once tested it will need to be decided whether the security risk outweighs the operational deployment risk.




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Patch Management Data Sheet PAR
Patch Management Data Sheet PBA
Patch Management Data Sheet Sentrigard
Patch Management Data Sheet Sentrigard

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