providing a unique solution

structured processes. HOW WE WORK.

At FoxGuard, we view each project as an opportunity to provide a unique solution that meets the customer’s needs.  This may be a standard product, one that is modified, or a completely custom unit. Using a systematic approach, our team follows established processes to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in doing things right the first time.  Through careful documentation, vendor qualification, and product testing, FoxGuard offers solutions that are high-quality and repeatable

program management. TO FIT YOUR NEEDS.

Each customer is assigned both a primary sales and primary technical contact to facilitate effective communication. Backed by strong teams internally, technical and sales support is available via telephone, email, and/or onsite visits. As a service to its clients, FoxGuard Solutions created the online Customer Care Center (CCC) to provide visibility of shipping, pricing, and compliance information. Custom report generation allows customers to view exactly what they need. Since the data feeds directly from FoxGuard’s ERP system, customers have access to accurate, real-time order information 24/7..


Our customers value system designs that last, so long-lifecycle components are used whenever possible. Utilizing industry knowledge and partnerships, FoxGuard maintains a design for years through a variety of technical and supply chain management programs, including extended warranties and service packages. Available for up to five years, customers may choose from traditional depot-style repair and return, system swapping, or onsite service and support. If components go “end of life” (EOL), the Engineering Change Notification (ECN) process ensures that modifications are made without causing compatibility issues.


FoxGuard begins each project by speaking with you and your team to fully understand the challenges your company faces. After evaluating existing systems and project plans, FoxGuard helps identify and refine the critical criteria, including performance, environmental, and budget parameters. We then proposes a customized system using off-the-shelf components, or designs a completely unique solution “from scratch” to satisfy your requirements. As a “vendor-neutral” solution provider, we are not bound to any specific suppliers. Clients may specify hardware brands or allow us to recommend brands to them based on our extensive experience with a wide variety of manufacturers, who have undergone our vendor qualification process. Our design engineering team – with computer, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering expertise – functions as an extension of your own project team. Often interfacing with project managers and engineers, we are available for client and end user meetings if our solution is part of an OEM offering.


To ensure optimal functionality and a smooth rollout to production, FoxGuard may build a prototype or pilot system for new projects. This phase includes all requested environmental testing – such as thermal/humidity analysis, shock and vibration testing, and EMI/ESD resistance – and allows the customer time to “preview” and give feedback on the final design. Engineering supervises prototyping so adjustments can be made to the design, if necessary. FoxGuard also uses this time to identify areas of the design that require additional manufacturing controls and to establish build instructions and inspection guidelines. If custom software images and/or installation scripts are used, they are tested against the prototype hardware.


When a system is certified by engineering and approved by the customer, it is ready for production. The production team performs all computer customization in an electrostatic discharge (ESD) controlled facility. They follow carefully formulated build instructions and multi-level inspection procedures. Production technicians are trained and have the authority to put products on hold if the quality is in question. FoxGuard offers imaging and software services, as well as labeling ports in order to deliver systems that are ready to “plug and play.” If the system will be deployed in a harsh environment, FoxGuard can integrate the computer equipment into an Envirosealed® enclosure.




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