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with compliance

We understand.
Ask us about NERC CIP 10-007
and NERC CIP 13  or any of our
other favorite regulations.

protecting critical infrastructure


Our team of trained engineers are ready to help you identify and create an inventory of your assets. Assets may include OT firmware, OT 3rd party applications, operating systems, network devices, field devices, and drivers.


Our proactive Risk-Intelligence helps organizations create a strategy for updating available patches and updates to reduce risks associated with known vulnerabilities for an asset.


Our Staff Augmentation step in the PUMP program provides the time, resources and necessary technical knowledge to help ease your Patch & Update Management burden.


At FoxGuard, your cyber-assets are matched against the industry’s leading patch and asset library. Once your assets are mapped to the library, FoxGuard will provide regular Patch Availability Reports detailing when each asset was checked for patches and what patches were found.

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