Integrated Security Solutions

FoxGuard leverages its 35+ year history as a full-service provider of custom engineered computing platforms, network equipment, and harsh environment enclosure products to design and deliver integrated security solutions to our customers.  The organization’s core competency is its ability to both technically and commercially tailor its products and services offerings to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer.  FoxGuard staffs a strong technical team including Information Security Professionals, Information Technology Professionals and Engineering Professionals across Computer, Software, Electrical and Mechanical disciplines.  This inter-disciplinary team approach provides the required skills and expertise to ensure the success of our customer’s projects.

We provide:

DISPATCH Validation and Deployment

   >   FoxGuard provides patch and update validation services and a secure easy-to-use deployment
        solution built for the unique needs of an Industrial Control System (ICS) environment. We
        implement layers of protection which include tamper evident packaging, hashing and encryption
        to ensure authentic data is delivered via a secure supply chain.

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Product Research, Qualification, and Testing

   >   FoxGuard staff will consult with the client to identify and capture their technical and commercial needs. They
        will then research potential solutions, rank them based on project criteria identified as critical and qualify the
        selected solution in a lab environment representing the customer’s unique environment.  FoxGuard will
        deliver a complete set of documentation detailing the process steps and test results to prove due diligence
        was taken to ensure a successful launch in a production environment. 

Turnkey System Architecture, Integration and Configuration

   >   FoxGuard staff will consult with the client to identify and capture their technical and commercial needs. They
        will then architect a solution to address the requirements.  Typical projects include full turnkey racks of
        equipment to support security and compliance operations.  The solution will offer full system sourcing,  
        integration, cabling, configuration, labeling and documentation of hardware and software based on customer
        requirements.  The solution can be custom configured per site or configured as standard with configuration
        and training taking place in the field depending on project need. 

   >   Typical solutions including one or more of the following components:

              –   Rack enclosure
              –   Servers
              –   Full operating system load and configuration
              –   Server roles to support Active Directory and Certificate Server
                Keyboard, Video and Mouse
              –   Network Switches and Routers
              –   Firewalls
              –   Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
              –   Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
                Patch Management Deployment
              –   Anti-Malware
              –   Whitelisting Software
              –   System backup and restore
                Power Supplies and Distribution
              –   Battery Backup
              –   Others as required

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