FoxGuard monitors operating systems, 3rd party software applications, network devices and field devices to provide monthly intelligence reports that track the release of cyber security patches specific to your environment. In addition to providing patch due diligence reporting no less than every 35 days, FoxGuard also provides audit-ready documentation which includes a security rating on patches, even when the patch vendor doesn’t provide this information. Additionally, we provide End of Support documentation when a vendor determines that an asset will no longer receive patches. This ensures you are spending your time monitoring patches only for the necessary equipment.

Here are some of the benefits of using FoxGuard for your Patch Management needs:

  • Experience – Leverage our relationships with 100 vendors and thousands of items. We know the industry’s assets because we have analyzed, documented and provided patch details for these items.
  • One Source – We aggregate all of your items and vendors into one source – eliminating the need for you to contact and follow up with all of your vendors all month long.
  • One Calendar – Because you have only one source, your compliance calendar of 35 days for the subsequent R2.2, R2.3 and R2.4 stops and starts at the same time. Just one calendar to manage instead of 10’s or 100’s. Every month.
  • Security vs. Non-Security – Our trained engineers provide insight into patches to determine if a security vulnerability is at stake, even if the patch vendor doesn’t make this declaration. This covers half of the R2.2 Applicability Evaluation as soon as you receive your report, as well as allows you to focus on the patches that matter to the security of your critical systems.
  • EOS Documentation – Not every product lives forever. When a vendor declares an item as “End of Support”, you need documentation to show why you are no longer monitoring patches for that item. We’ve got that covered.
  • Integration – Have some form of an automated Asset Management System or Compliance Tool?  We can work with your system vendor to automatically integrate our reports into your system(s), automating the process of digesting newly released patches.
  • Secure Storage of your Assets – Not all patches are readily available on the Internet, so we have the ability to work directly with your vendors to access patch due diligence on your behalf and securely store the appropriate credentials.
  • Save Valuable Time – Trust us. This work is complicated and takes well-trained professionals. Save the time of your valuable resources and leave this work to the experts. Us.

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FoxGuard evaluates released security patches for applicability of devices and software used in your environment. The foundation of an Applicability Report is the Availability Report. However, Applicability Reports are provided for further review with in-house analysis and sign-off to support compliance requests. Our team of security engineers will review your network configuration and provide recommendations around installation of patches released within a specified time frame. 


FoxGuard provides a wide range of patch management solutions that help entities identify and mitigate gaps in the security of their systems and prepare for NERC CIP audits. We host weekly webinar to discuss ways to develop and implement a robust patch management program. To reserve a spot, please register for the webinar. If you would like our security experts to contact you, then kindly share your contact details and a brief summary of your challenges.

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