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Transient Cyber Assets (TCA) are vulnerable not only to software creep but also to cyber attack. They may have malicious code running in the background that is tasked to scour the network and infect additional systems. Our solution protects these assets by deploying a Gold image on a monthly basis. This gold image is updated to include OEM specific security patches and applicable OS/Software/Device drivers.


FoxGuard Solutions will download OEM specific security patches and applicable OS/Software/Device drivers for the Transient Cyber Assets (TCA) laptops. We will roll patches into a TCA laptop Gold image during this phase to create a new version of the TCA laptop Gold Image for a total of 24 monthly patching cycles.

FoxGuard will provide intelligence reports that track the release of cyber security patches specific to your TCA laptop.

We will verify the validity of all software by checking each software package against the vendor’s listed check sum. If check sums are available from the software vendor then the task will be completed and documented. All Check Sums will be documented to assist with NERC-CIP 013 – Supply Chain.

We will consolidate and deploy the Anti-Virus signatures using customer specified software as part of this program. The AV signatures will be compiled from the vendor and deployed as part of this program for 24 monthly patching cycles.

We will do a functionality test for each patch deployment Gold Image to consist of
       • Boot Testing of the OS
       • Testing that each OEM software application successfully executes and runs

Any patch that causes a test to fail or that has an adverse effect will be documented and removed from
that months release cycle and placed in a Not Deployed status. OEM software in a Not Deployed status will be kept as the last working revision of the software. You will then be able to work with your OEM vendor to address each issue in the Not Deployed List at your convenience.

All laptop images will be encrypted upon request.

Twice per year we will test each Gold Image Laptop by running a vulnerability scan against it and corresponding documentation will be provided. User will receive the report and best determine how to address all vulnerabilities.  

All deliverables will be hashed by FoxGuard for secure deployment and can be tested by the user.


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