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Cybersecurity Solutions for Transportation

We Keep Your Transportation Cybersecurity on Track

In today’s day and age, control systems within critical infrastructure are high-risk targets for attack and exploitation. With multiple competencies in transportation, FoxGuard Solutions can develop customized cybersecurity solutions to help you manage your control systems and keep your transportation assets safe.

Without comprehensive cybersecurity your transportation infrastructure is vulnerable. We work with you to understand the unique needs of each asset so whether you manage bus, rail, or subway, we can keep your system secure. FoxGuard has over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity, compliance, and industrial computing solutions. We specialize in combining expertise information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to develop unique cybersecurity solutions. We offer a complete Patch & Update Management Program covering IT and OT assets, which includes asset analysis, patch reporting, validation, and deployment to ensure our customers are secure and compliant.

What We Do

FoxGuard Solutions is committed to collaborative solutions because you are the expert at your control systems. We work with you in the following ways to provide unparalleled security solutions:

  • OT presents unique challenges when implementing an effective and efficient cybersecurity strategy, so we collaborate with you to learn your specific OT environment.
  • We leverage your transportation asset experience with our cybersecurity expertise for tailored security solutions built specifically for your environment.
  • We stay agile to implement solutions for public/private infrastructure, private only or public only.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions, so your assets have the highest level of cybersecurity while meeting budget requirements.

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Additionally, we understand and follow TSA regulations, are CISP certified, and have the engineering/networking capabilities to do the job. We offer programmatic assessment and program development to support a variety of standards and frameworks such as TSA (SD) 1580-21-01, (SD) 1582-21-01, and TS 50701 regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Solutions We Offer

Vulnerability Management

FoxGuard customizes your vulnerability assessment based on your specific assets. Our experts are prepared to implement known IT solutions, such as backup recovery and intrusion notification, into your unique OT environment. We go a step further by improving cybersecurity controls like remote access solutions and secure logins.

Patch Management

Consistently monitored patches & updates can help resolve security vulnerabilities, functional issues and meet regulatory compliance requirements. We manage patches through our Patch Availability Report, and our proprietary technology that verifies the source of every patch before deployment.

Asset Management

FoxGuard helps to identify, create a baseline, monitor, and patch your assets, helping mitigate threats to your critical asset infrastructure.


FoxGuard’s Patch Validation Program validates results in a controlled environment before deployment. We will help you build a validation lab to test patches before releasing them into an active environment. For ongoing maintenance, choose from multiple options when running your lab:

1. FoxGuard builds and runs your validation lab for you. Ensuring all patches are functioning properly before deployment.

2. FoxGuard co-manages your validation lab by providing your team with guidelines to follow and check-points before deployment.

3. FoxGuard trains and equips your team to run your validation lab independently.

Asset Inventory

FoxGuard identifies and inventories every one of your OT assets with our select set of tools and expert team. Your organization will receive a detailed, normalized report with all your assets, including manufacturer, product name, and version.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

FoxGuard works around the clock by continuously monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats to help protect your transportation infrastructure. The SOC monitors and responds to multiple incoming data feeds and helps identify abnormalities or threats.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (IRP)

FoxGuard provides professional services to assist with Cyber Incident Response Plan (IRP) creation, implementation, and execution. Our services help build the elements of an actionable IRP. We work within your existing tooling or technologies and when needed we can help you evolve your threat protection capabilities. FoxGuard offers vulnerability detection, network intrusion, and antimalware, to effectively mitigate and remediate incidents.

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

FoxGuard offers services to plan, conduct, and review a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment. The assessment provides critical insight into real-time IT/OT environments and allows for more accurate decision-making and responses to vulnerabilities. FoxGuard gives you the feedback needed to focus on the cybersecurity posture of the platforms in your specific environment. We have a complete and comprehensive suite of products to solve the cybersecurity needs of critical infrastructure organizations where IT and OT converge. With a complete vulnerability assessment from FoxGuard decisions can be made to implement controls, update policy, improve threat detection and develop future mitigation strategies.

Case Studies

Rugged, Cost-Effective Tilt-Swivel Kiosk for Rail Maintenance

“FoxGuard was flexible and willing to work with us to design an optimal solution.” — Matthew Hunter, President of Buckeye Mountain Wireless Solutions

Fanless PC for Fuel Stations

“The company’s willingness to serve its customers is unrivaled” — Bill Jones, Warren Rogers Associates

Tilt-Swivel Kiosk for Rail Maintenance Case Study Thumbnail
Fanless PC for Fuel Stations Case Study Thumbnail

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