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Our team works with you to design and integrate a computer solution that meets your Simulation and Training application, budget and preferences. Let us help you free up your resources from integration work. Our goal is to be an extension of your team.


Image Generators | Workstations | Customized Solutions | Laptops | Servers

FoxGuard Solutions offers the Simitar suite of computers to support Simulation and Training Customers. If an off-the-shelf product does not meet your needs then we can custom configure a solution.


International Support | Information Assurance | Extended Warranty | Revision Control

In addition to hardware solutions, we provide many auxiliary services that allow us to function as a “one-stop shop” for all of your industrial computing needs. These services alleviate the burden on internal IT departments, simplify documentation, streamline purchasing processes, and allow you to focus on your core competencies.



Flight Simulators | Ground Simulators | Bridge Simulators | Marine Simulators
Liquid Cooled Solutions | Terrain Generation Servers




Utilize our 35+ years’ experience configuring computer solutions, integrating racks, developing images, and ensuring hardware, software and OS compatibility to free up your resources to pursue growth. We will configure and ship a turnkey solution to your designated location.

   Regulatory and Export Compliance


FoxGuard has a well-developed process to support our Customers with logistics and compliance. We ensure successful deliveries to domestic and international destinations and proper documentation to back up every regulatory mark on a system component.

   Information Assurance


We work with Authorizing Officers to identify compliance requirements that impact design and configuration and secure our equipment appropriately. We provide collateral to support approval processes including configuration baselines, vulnerability scans and technical exceptions/mitigations where appropriate.

   Lifecycle Management


FoxGuard maintains a design for years through technical and supply chain management programs, including extended warranties and service packages to address continued availability, requalification, and replacement due to obsolescence. Our team engages vendors to verify no foreseen constraints exist in the supply chain and the parts are secure.

FoxGuard Classifications

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013
ITAR Registered
DUNS# 043396852
CAGE Code: 1NYZ1
American Owned and Operated

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FoxGuard combines its engineering and software services talent to develop unique solutions to protect resources in critical infrastructure markets to bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments. Our team of engineers and developers design, manufacture and integrate innovative cybersecurity, computing and regulatory compliance solutions used in critical infrastructure markets.  We offer a complete Patch & Update Management Program covering IT and OT assets, which includes asset analysis, patch reporting, validation and deployment to ensure our customers are secure and compliant.


System Hardening   PATCH  MANAGEMENT 

Our Patch & Update Management Program (PUMP) was the result of a four year cooperative project with the Department of Energy. Supporting IT and OT assets the program encompasses four steps in the patching process: Asset Inventory, Risk – Intelligence, Staff Augmentation, and 3rd Party Integrations. The program was built with NERC CIP compliance and cybersecurity as a high priorities.


FoxGuard staffs a strong technical team including Information Security Professionals, Information Technology Professionals and Engineering Professionals across Computer, Software, Electrical and Mechanical disciplines.  This inter-disciplinary team approach provides the required skills and expertise to ensure the success of our customer’s projects.


Our team of experienced engineers bring years of experience in providing cybersecurity solutions to critical infrastructure markets. Our security experts assist with the validation, deployment, and customer configuration of purchased solution(s). Customizing to meet each site’s requirements, FoxGuard helps mitigate risks associated with securing critical systems on the control network.

To maintain Nuclear plant safety and reliability as well as protect against the threat of cyber intrusion while meeting regulatory compliance it is key for the industry to protect Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and other critical networks. Through FoxGuard Solutions, Framatome can design, manufacture and integrate innovative cybersecurity, industrial computing and regulatory compliance solutions used for critical infrastructures. Our solutions are customized to best fit your technical needs and to ensure financial efficiency. View all of Framatome’s nuclear cybersecurity solutions >> Framatome Solutions Portfolio FoxGuard Solutions® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Framatome, an international leader in nuclear energy.

“Using FoxGuard's aggregated patch data each month makes discovery a breeze for our technicians”
Supervisor EMS Maintenance
Mid-West Municipal - SPP - Kansas

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