The Current Status of CMMC

The Current State of CMMCFORWARD MOVEMENT OF THE DIB, DISPITE THE UNKNOWNS Early in November 2021, CMMC 2.0 was announced, and the changes are significant. What has changed? What hasn’t changed? Considering some of the strenuous objections to the changes that have...

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e-Waste: Is Your Product Compliant?

E-WASTE: IS YOUR PRODUCT COMPLIANT?Reclamation of metals and alloys in EEE, such as silver, gold, and copper, is one important benefit of regulating e-waste; however, protection for human health and the environment from the release of harmful chemicals contained in...

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Attack In Depth

ATTACK IN DEPTHMULTIPLE LAYERS OF ATTACKLet’s discuss a type of attack methodology, Attack in Depth, as recently demonstrated by a well-resourced attacker. The technique is neigh non-existent in the I.T. infrastructure space, but is expected to become standard for...

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IT/OT Security for Data Centers

IT/OT SECURITY FOR DATA CENTERSIn today’s data-driven business environment, organizations must ensure that their data center functions at maximum uptime, with an industry goal of five 9’s. The 99.999% uptime goal applies to both traditional brick and mortar...

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Asset ID & Baseline

 ASSET ID & BASELINE – THE BEGINNING AND THE END?Foundational knowledge provides a base from which to establish stableand quality processes for the management of patches, changes, assets and vulnerabilities. These processes are all within the scope of...

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