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FoxGuard combines its engineering and software services talent to develop unique solutions to protect resources in critical infrastructure markets to bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) environments. Our team of engineers and developers design, manufacture and integrate innovative cybersecurity, computing and regulatory compliance solutions used in critical infrastructure markets.  We offer a complete Patch & Update Management Program covering IT and OT assets, which includes asset analysis, patch reporting, validation and deployment to ensure our customers are secure and compliant.



Our Patch & Update Management Program (PUMP) was the result of a four year cooperative project with the Department of Energy. Supporting IT and OT assets the program encompasses four steps in the patching process: Asset Inventory, Risk – Intelligence, Staff Augmentation, and 3rd Party Integrations. The program was built with NERC CIP compliance and cybersecurity as a high priorities.


Our team of trained engineers are ready to help you identify and create an inventory of your assets. Assets may include OT firmware, OT 3rd party applications, operating systems, network devices, field devices, and drivers.


Proactive Risk-Intelligence helps organizations create a strategy for updating available patches and updates to reduce risks associated with known vulnerabilities for an asset.


The Staff Augmentation step in the PUMP program provides the time, resources and necessary technical knowledge to help ease your Patch & Update Management burden.


At FoxGuard, your cyber-assets are matched against the industry’s leading patch and asset library. Once your assets are mapped to the library, FoxGuard will provide regular Patch Availability Reports detailing when each asset was checked for patches and what patches were found.


Our Sentrigard Security Platform delivers a defense in depth strategy to secure customer assets using best in class software and hardware solutions. This secure platform will be delivered to you on hardware that has already been configured, set up, tested and is ready to go upon delivery with simplified dashboards. With a heightened sense of awareness through real-time monitoring and alerts, along with vulnerability notification, you can take the appropriate action to defend against possible attacks.



Our team of experienced engineers bring years of experience in providing cybersecurity solutions to critical infrastructure markets. Our security experts assist with the validation, deployment, and customer configuration of purchased solution(s). Customizing to meet each site’s requirements, FoxGuard helps mitigate risks associated with securing critical systems on the control network.



FoxGuard has been an integral player in the research, evaluation and manufacturing of solutions that integrate IT technologies into the OT world. One approach to securing systems and data is to harden current systems. Disabling all non-operational ports makes it harder for malicious actors to access the system.


FoxGuard sends an ICS network engineer on-site to support the network mapping service. Passive network scanning and network mapping tools are utilized to generate visual maps and supporting data files with additional information. The passive network scanning and network mapping tools are only utilized against devices or on network segments where approved and/or where technically supported.


FoxGuard staffs a strong technical team including Information Security Professionals, Information Technology Professionals and Engineering Professionals across Computer, Software, Electrical and Mechanical disciplines.  This inter-disciplinary team approach provides the required skills and expertise to ensure the success of our customer’s projects.


To maintain Nuclear plant safety and reliability as well as protect against the threat of cyber intrusion while meeting regulatory compliance it is key for the industry to protect Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and other critical networks. Through FoxGuard Solutions, Framatome can design, manufacture and integrate innovative cybersecurity, industrial computing and regulatory compliance solutions used for critical infrastructures. Our solutions are customized to best fit your technical needs and to ensure financial efficiency. View all of Framatome’s nuclear cybersecurity solutions >> Framatome Solutions Portfolio FoxGuard Solutions® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Framatome, an international leader in nuclear energy.
“Using FoxGuard's aggregated patch data each month makes discovery a breeze for our technicians”
Supervisor EMS Maintenance
Mid-West Municipal - SPP - Kansas

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