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Our Industrial Computing team focuses on customer service and a rock-solid supply chain. We help design, prototype and integrate computers to fit your application, budget, and project requirements. Each system is assembled, tested, and inspected prior to shipment. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified and maintain over 94 export compliances. We provide complete transparency via online visibility of orders and complete documentation to ensure regulatory compliance. We work with you to establish strong vendor and manufacturer relationships, stocking programs to reduce lead times, and customized packaging upon request.



Utilize our 35+ years’ experience configuring computer solutions, integrating racks, developing images, securing licenses, and ensuring hardware, software and OS compatibility to free up your resources to pursue growth. We will configure and ship a turnkey solution to your designated location.


Rack Integration   RACK INTEGRATION


In addition to hardware solutions, FoxGuard provides many auxiliary services that allow us to function as a “one-stop shop” for all of your industrial computing needs. These services alleviate the burden on internal IT departments, simplify documentation, streamline purchasing processes, and allow you to focus on your core competencies.


Custom Configurations  CUSTOM CONFIGURATIONS


When standard or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computers won’t do, we can develop a custom configured solution that suits your specific needs. With decades of computer, electrical, mechanical, and software expertise, FoxGuard engineers are experts in selecting quality components to ensure your product is perfectly suited to your unique application.



FoxGuard is dedicated to supporting clients with the products or custom solution they need. We offer a variety of industrial equipment including wide screen and flat panel displays, fanless computers able to withstand harsh environments, and rackmount computers that allow maximum flexibility in I/0 and expansion.



Our Engineers collaborate with your team to develop or review your existing configuration for lifecycle, availability, compatibility, cost and performance. FoxGuard expertise includes computer, software, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineering. Our team consists of 30 engineers, 18 technicians, and 9 software developers. FoxGuard’s Engineers design and configuration servicesrange from off-the-shelf computer components and enclosures to complete custom solutions.


FoxGuard has 38+ years’ experience supporting OEMs. Our team engages vendors to verify no foreseen constraints exist in the supply chain. We have strategic partnerships with some of the top vendors in the industry including NVIDIA, Microsoft, Intel, Supermicro, PNY, Dell, and HP. We maintain a database of 40,000 regulatory certificates and reports covering thousands of parts, provided by over 250 manufacturers and suppliers. With 40% of our orders shipped internationally, we have a well-developed process to support our Customers with logistics and export compliance.


FoxGuard builds integrated racks to support our OEM customers. Our integration services include; rack and stacking of all required computers, custom imaging, configuration and installation of networking equipment, installation of power and thermal management solution, installation of peripheral equipment, cabling and labeling, and documentation for rack layout.

Continuously Current

FoxGuard will maintain a design for years through technical and supply chain management programs, including extended warranties and service packages to address continued availability, requalification, and replacement due to obsolescence.


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334112 – Computer Storage Device Manufacturing

334118 – Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing.

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423690 – Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers

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541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

"By working with FoxGuard, CHA was able to access FoxGuard’s engineering team to obtain expert recommendations and select the optimal systems builds that would be used to support our training and simulation solutions for our High Velocity Learning Environment,"
John Jackson, CEO

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