Cybersecurity / Resiliency is a path, not a destination

Source: Monta Elkins, FoxGuard Solutions Hacker In Chief It is not reliable if it is not secure.Ransomware has significantly affected companies abilities to deliver their product (and in some high profile cases, deliver other people’s products). A backup guards...

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FAR, DFARS, and CMMC, oh my …

Source: Barbara Wert, Sr. Regulatory Compliance Specialist Introduction Immediate action towards compliance to handling Federal “Controlled Information” (CI) is required for Government contractors and subcontractors who wish to be eligible for Department of Defense...

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CVE-2020-1472 Vulnerability

Source: Monta Elkins, Hacker-In-Chief The CVE-2020-1472 vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to completely compromise all Active Directory services. This vulnerability has been dubbed “Zerologon” by the security company that discovered it, Secura (link to...

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NERC CIP requirements coming into effect

As electric utilities look towards furthering their compliance programs, consideration needs to be made around software integrity and authenticity. Of the new NERC CIP requirements coming into effect in October 2020, two of them deal with this concept – CIP-010-3 R1...

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NERC CIP-013 SUPPLY CHAIN AUTHENTICITY AND INTEGRITY Source: Trace Bellassai, Cyber Security Solutions Engineer We’re prepared for the NERC CIP changes, are you? Here at FoxGuard, we always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new requirements and...

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The Other Side of Responsible Disclosure

Source: Michele Wright, Product Manager I have been part of several conversations recently and the topic of “responsible disclosure” seems to be coming up more and more. There are strong opinions around who needs what information at what time. There are many...

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